I'm from Lithuania (a post USSR country) in eastern Europe where many people suffer from complex developmental trauma. Our culture has been deeply affected by the collective trauma of our people, which has impacted the lives of everyone on an individual level. For me, this led to the development of a deep passion for understanding the human condition. One thing I have learnt is that we all have a need for safety and connection as well as play, and authentic expression. Each of us share an innate need to be witnessed, heard and understood.

After years of healing and exploring various different modalities such as psychotherapy, shamanism, shadow work, nutrition and art therapies, I became a witness to my own story, with knowledge and experience I felt naturally called to assist others in recovery and healing, which led me to training as a therapist & healer. As well as being a shamanic practitioner and energy worker I'm also a professional plant-based chef. I have 10 years of experience working with food and nutrition, integrating it as part of healing. I have a creative approach, which works well when combining various healing modalities. I'm also passionate about art, music, creativity, ancient cultures, nature and spirituality.

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