Embodied Processing is the bottom-up approach to working with trauma, anxiety and a myriad of other difficulties & issues.

Embodied processing is based on latest research in neuroscience, biology, human physiology, evidence and years of experience.

It is a form of body-based psychotherapy that explores the felt-sense experience of living within the body - the container of our experiences.

Latest neuroscience and research now confirms the importance of including the body in trauma therapy and healing. Our cognitive minds desperately try to make sense of sensations in the body, but only by feeling and experiencing the sensations at it's root can we fully come in contact and deeper understanding of how our body & mind are interlinked and what it needs in order for healing to take place. In Embodied Processing (EP) we learn essential skills for healing, resourcing and regulating within the body & nervous system. Which expands our ability to contain sensations within a safe space as well as learning new coping skills and tools to work with emotional discomfort. Ultimately this results in personal growth and empowerment.