Embodied Therapy

Before there are words, there's wordless communication of the body.
The body speaks, but are you listening?

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Hey I'm Ruta,
I'm Integrative Somatic therapist. In this busy society I create space for you to pause and return to your Self, taking a moment to address the parts of you that are affected by stress, pain and various life challenges. Through compassionate deeper insight into your body, emotions and mind I assist clients in transforming trapped energies in the body & mind. There's a vital essence in each of us that comes through naturally when the conditions are right, it heals & shines, illuminating the whole being! My goal is to assist you towards wholeness within yourself, with various mindfulness and somatic tools which you can use in your daily life to support your health and wellness, so that you can live a more wholesome and fulfilling life. In sessions with me we can work on specific issues/goals or simply explore and be present with what comes up in the moment.
I'm deeply inspired by Richard Schwartz's discovery of Internal family systems and his book 'No bad parts'
According to him our Self has innate natural qualities which he describes as 8 C's of the Self-Leadership that cannot be affected by external circumstances and is the healing agent of the system.
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Embodied Processing is the bottom-up approach to working with trauma, anxiety and a myriad of other difficulties & issues.

Embodied processing is based on latest research in neuroscience, biology, human physiology, evidence and years of experience.

It is a form of body-based psychotherapy that explores the felt-sense experience of living within the body - the container of our experiences.

Latest neuroscience and research now confirms the importance of including the body in trauma therapy and healing. Our cognitive minds desperately try to make sense of sensations in the body, but only by feeling and experiencing the sensations at it's root can we fully come in contact and deeper understanding of how our body & mind are interlinked and what it needs in order for healing to take place. In Embodied Processing (EP) we learn essential skills for healing, resourcing and regulating within the body & nervous system. Which expands our ability to contain sensations within a safe space as well as learning new coping skills and tools to work with emotional discomfort. Ultimately this results in personal growth and empowerment.

Wondering if it's something for you?

Sessions with me can help with


-Low self-esteem
-Anger issues
-Eating issues
-Difficulty managing emotions
-Relationship difficulties
-Stress related difficulties
-Family issues

-Feelings of overwhelm
-Harsh Inner-critic & Internal conflict
-Life changes
-Deeper understanding about yourself
-Emotional regulation
-Personal development and growth
-Spiritual crisis
And more
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Trainings & Qualifications

Embodied Processing practitioner (Certified by TCFH and IICT registered member)

Trauma-Informed Health coach (TCFH)

IFS-Informed (Internal family systems)

Energy Worker / Healer and Shamanic Practitioner

Shadow Work Trainee (Advanced) https://shadowwork.eu/

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Us as a human beings we long for safety, acceptance & connection. I create a space for you to explore your inner dynamics using somatic parts work, I believe there are no bad parts, and all parts when met with compassion, acknowledgement and understanding reveals it's positive intent which might not be obvious at first. Sessions with me are explorative in nature, guiding you to your own innate wisdom, true Self and integration.

My integrative approach brings together the wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions and the modern neuroscience around trauma and the nervous system.

In our time together we can work on a specific goal/issue or simply be curious and present to what unfolds.

I also offer IN-person Energy Healing work (North London) which includes the following:

Chakra System Balancing/Toning
Chinese medicine Organ Regeneration
Intentional Alignment (Soul Purpose alignment)
Auric Surgery
Relationship Chords Healing
Soul Retrieval
Compassionate Release
Curse unravelling

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I'm from Lithuania (a post USSR country) in eastern Europe where many people suffer from complex developmental trauma. Our culture has been deeply affected by the collective trauma of our people, which has impacted the lives of everyone on an individual level. For me, this led to the development of a deep passion for understanding the human condition. One thing I have learnt is that we all have a need for safety and connection as well as play, and authentic expression. Each of us share an innate need to be witnessed, heard and understood.

After years of healing and exploring various different modalities such as psychotherapy, shamanism, shadow work, nutrition and art therapies, I became a witness to my own story, with knowledge and experience I felt naturally called to assist others in recovery and healing, which led me to training as a therapist & healer. As well as being a shamanic practitioner and energy worker I'm also a professional plant-based chef. I have 10 years of experience working with food and nutrition, integrating it as part of healing. I have a creative approach, which works well when combining various healing modalities. I'm also passionate about art, music, creativity, ancient cultures, nature and spirituality.

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