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Trainings & Qualifications

Embodied Processing practitioner (Certified by TCFH and IICT registered member)

Trauma-Informed Health coach (TCFH)

IFS-Informed (Internal family systems)

Energy Worker / Healer and Shamanic Practitioner

Shadow Work Trainee (Advanced) https://shadowwork.eu/

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Us as a human beings we long for safety, acceptance & connection. I create a space for you to explore your inner dynamics using somatic parts work, I believe there are no bad parts, and all parts when met with compassion, acknowledgement and understanding reveals it's positive intent which might not be obvious at first. Sessions with me are explorative in nature, guiding you to your own innate wisdom, true Self and integration.

My integrative approach brings together the wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions and the modern neuroscience around trauma and the nervous system.

In our time together we can work on a specific goal/issue or simply be curious and present to what unfolds.

I also offer IN-person Energy Healing work (North London) which includes the following:

Chakra System Balancing/Toning
Chinese medicine Organ Regeneration
Intentional Alignment (Soul Purpose alignment)
Auric Surgery
Relationship Chords Healing
Soul Retrieval
Compassionate Release
Curse unravelling

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